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Frozen Dumplings

We handcraft our dumplings with fresh seasonal ingredients.   Most of these ingredients are picked from our local market.  Then we freeze the dumplings right away and make sure they make it to your kitchen as soon as possible.

Meat Dumplings

We use pastured, hormone free ground pork exclusively from Getaway farm. Chicken or beef may be substituted for pork upon request.

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Vegetarian Dumplings

We use organic egges and local, fresh, seasonal vegetables to make sure our dumplings are tasty and highly nutritous.

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Vegan Dumplings

Who said vegan diet is bland or boring?  Let’s show you how delicious and fun our vegan dumplings are.  You can even tell us to add some lentils in them!

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All dumpling orders come with a smaller package of chili or garlic dipping sauce.

 Special  Chili  Sauce   $5

  • A larger bottle of 120ml chili  sauce is also available for $5 with your purchase.
  • A jar of homemade vegan chili sauce with loads of aromatic spices,  fragrant sesame oil and well balanced with chili oil to bring out the flavours.  The sauce is wonderful for dipping,  stir fry and noodle soup/salad.

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