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Two dumpling masters sharing the fresh authentic Asian cuisine and cooking experience with Nova Scotians

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We are Moms, friends and food lovers. For us, food is enjoyment, education, adventure and happiness. We love to make healthy, good food and share it with others. Showing people how to make food is a gift for both of us.

In our early childhoods, dumplings were traditionally eaten on Chinese New Year. They symbolize good luck and family reunion. As children, we weren’t interested in luck associated with these dumplings. We ate them because they were so delicious and fun to make. On holidays, our extended family sat together passing the time between making dumplings and teasing one another. Grandmothers might make some animal-shaped dumplings for the children, while the young ones kept themselves occupied with spare dough. We would enjoy eating dumplings around a massive table with all our aunties, uncles and cousins. For us, dumplings always taste better than other food because they are filled with sweet memories.

Nowadays, dumplings are eaten year-round and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can be served as an appetizer, a side dish or as the main course. We want to show you how to make dumplings with the freshest, high-quality food and ingredients locally sourced from Nova Scotia. Most importantly, we want you to be inspired to create your own sweet dumpling memories with your family, friends, co-workers and the ones you love.

Celebrate Lunar New Year

Lucky foods are associated with Chinese New Year.  Dumplings are the must!  Making and sharing dumplings is a family tradition in China.

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We share authentic Asian cuisine with you.

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“We had vegetable dumplings tonight with the chili oil sauce and they were fantastic!  My boys raved about them.”                                                                     – Alison

“The dumplings and the sauce are epic!!!!!  We devoured them.  Customers for life.”

                                                                    – Natalie

“These dumplings are delicious and so easy to cook!  From freezer to table in 10 minutes.  Honestly the hardest part is sharing them.”                                                                                                             – Faith-Anne

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